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7 de outubro de 2013

accept, or not accept?

'Prometemos conforme as nossas esperanças e cumprimos segundo os nossos receios.' 
François de La Rochefoucauld'  - Paris, 1613/80

We promise according to our hopes and fulfilled according to our fears.

11 comentários:

  1. Lovely compliments Denise.

    Un abrazo, Joop

  2. At least they are happy now.
    And your drawing captures this beautifully .

  3. Accept.
    (Better to have loved and lost,
    than never to have loved at all.)

  4. Sublime!
    Eu amo esta ilustração querido amigo!
    É lindo!
    Bem feito Denise!
    Boa semana!

  5. Direct et efficace dessin.

  6. I like this blog - many nice pictures!

  7. Hola, Denise Scaramai: He estado mucho tiempo inactivo en los blogs, digamos que no he tenido mucho ànimo durante un largo período. Me alegra mucho comprobar que tu espacio sigue en marcha y tus trabajos maravillosos como siempre.

    Un abrazo

  8. Great Blog, would be nice if you could visit - we feature talented and inspirational photographers like you every week! Who knows...maybe you will be featured soon!